Usage Limits

In order to ensure quality of service and prevent abuse, Napkin functions must adhere to several types of default limits.

Monthly Limits

  • Function invocations per month: 5,000

Napkin workspaces follow a monthly usage cycle. The start and end dates of the current usage cycle are determined by the date you create your Napkin account. Usage totals are reset to 0 on the first day of the monthly usage cycle.

Rate Limiting

  • Invocations per second: 5

Your Napkin functions can be called up to 5 times per second in aggregate. Surpassing this limit will result in a 429 HTTP error response.

Execution Duration

  • Function timeout: 15 seconds

Napkin functions have a 15 second timeout. If your function execution lasts more than 15 seconds, your function will return an error.

Resources Limits

  • Memory: 500 MB
  • CPU: 0.5 vCPU